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Mission, Values, Ethos & Aims of our School

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Ethos Statement



At Christ Church we aim to develop and support the all-round growth of the individual child in a calm and caring atmosphere.

Children are expected to reach their full potential in the basic skills in order to enjoy the opportunities and challenges presented by the modern primary curriculum.

Through hard work and encouragement, our children will achieve and grow confidently as social individuals.

We expect children to demonstrate a caring attitude to each other and their environment, and we value the special contribution of each child so that children will learn to accept and value the views of others.

We intend our phase of education to play its part in preparing children for their adult life as fully participating members of society who can think rationally and plan for themselves a quality future.

Aims of the school:

to provide a safe and secure environment in which children can feel confident that they are valued for themselves and their contributions.

to provide a curriculum that challenges each child to achieve fully.

to give children opportunities to be creative and enquiring.

to recognise and celebrate the qualities, talents and efforts of each child.

to encourage children to be aware of their responsibilities and role in the partnership between home and school and their ultimate success.

through the example set by the adults in school, to help children gain respect, both for one another and for the wider multicultural society.

to establish a social environment where adults and children can be healthy, active and have fun.