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Christian Values we will Explore in 2017/18

Christian Values we will Explore in 2017/18 1

In the second half of Summer Term our Christian Value is....

In the second half of Summer Term our Christian Value is.... 1

Here are some ideas, based on the Christian Value we are discussing in school this half term, of activities and things to discuss and reflect upon.


You might:

  • Talk about the short introduction and think about and discuss the questions posed together
  • Read together a version of a key Bible story
  • Think about the 'Words of Wisdom' and reflect upon this
  • Share the fascinating facts and marvel at them
  • Try completing the Family Focus activity
  • Complete the Home School Challenge (don't forget to send your efforts in to school)
  • Talk about the inspirational character in the 'Hall of Fame' and reflect on how they have demonstrated the value in the way they have lived their lives


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More about our Core Christian Values...

Year One and Year Four led worship today. They told us what happened to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Year Three led worship today. They told us all about the Last Supper.

Thank you Reception Class for telling us all about Palm Sunday.

Thursday 26th. October

Worship Ambassadors led our school worship this afternoon. They acted out the story about John and Peter healing the lame man. This story is found in Acts 3, verses 1 to 10 in The Bible. Our ambassadors planned the whole thing and even gave each class a bottle of 'Prayer Bubbles' to use in their own class worship time. Well done to everyone involved!

Friday 6th. October

Our Key Stage 2 Worship Ambassadors had a day out today when they met up with Worship Ambassadors from other local schools at The Shekinah Christian Trust in Newchurch-in-Pendle. Our ambassadors learnt how to lead worship for the rest of school and came back brimming with ideas about how to make our worship even better.

May I introduce our Christ Church Worship Ambassadors for 2017/18...
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