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Year 3

Welcome back to school everyone! I hope we are all ready for a big year of learning! Have a look at the Year 3 Big Picture to find out about our curriculum coverage this half-term.


This week Year 3 have started their topic about our local area. We have looked at OS maps of the area around our school and begun to identify the geographical features that OS map symbols represent. 


Some of the maps were rather large!

Year 3 have had a great 'Space Week'. We have learnt about Neil Armstrong walking on the moon's surface, tried astronaut's ice-cream and looked at a replica space suit. Today we made rockets and helicopters and tested them in the hall.

Wednesday 12th. July


Today Caroline from Warburtons came to spend the morning with Year 3. She told us about the history of the Warburtons company. We also learned about The Eatwell Plate and the different food groups. Best of all, we made our own healthy sandwiches. Then we ate them! It was good to see the children taste testing some of the fruits and vegetables that they might not usually try. To end the session, everyone received some free bread to take home!

Friday 7th. July

Today Anwar from the Multi Faith Centre came to school to tell us about the Muslim faith. We learnt so much and we found that there are many similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Anwar showed us his special Qu'ran, his prayer mat and his prayer beads. We also learnt to read some letters from the Arabic alphabet. What a fascinating morning!

Picture 1
Picture 2
On Friday Year 3 went on their trip to the UCLAN Science Festival in Preston. It was a very interesting day and I hope it might inspire some Christ Church children to be our scientists of the future. We found out about what the different parts of the human brain do, we made our own balloon brains and watched some 'elephant toothpaste' being created! 
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Picture 3
Picture 4

In music this week Year 3 have been learning to play their percussion instruments along to ABBA's 'Mama Mia'.

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Picture 2
Summer is definitely here in Year 3! We have created our own versions of Vincent Van Gogh's famous 'Sunflowers' using different media. 

Welcome back to the final half term of Year 3! 


Over the holiday week Year 3 had to research the life and work of the French artist Henri Matisse. This is linked to our Geography work about France and our English work about biographies as well as Art and Design. 


The children chose a Matisse painting or cut out they liked and tried to reproduce it in their own way.


Just have a look at the results! Mrs. Tilsley is one very impressed teacher!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
In Science this week Year 3 have been observing, drawing and investigating plant roots. We used our school field to find as many different shapes and sizes of roots as we could. Can we remember the main jobs that the roots do for a plant? Have a look at our photo collage. Can you spot the tap root and the root hairs?
Picture 1
Year 3 parents and children Art Workshop.

Year 3, keep practising your Maths skills on SUMDOG! Download the free SUMDOG app for your tablet devices. Or if you are using a desktop computer or a laptop you will need to download Adobe Flash Player to use SUMDOG.




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Picture 5

This week in Year 3 we have been investigating how shadows are made. 


Hoping everyone can remember and use our three key Science words: transparent, translucent and opaque.



Hi everyone,

Please remember next Friday (March 24th.) is Red Nose Day and we are having a Christ Church Joke Off for Comic Relief. If you fancy telling jokes to raise money for a good cause then get practising now. Be funny for money! Please see your class school council representative for more details.

Year Three's Geography topic this term is finding out about Europe. Take a look at these fantastic power point presentations made by children in Year 3. Very informative!

Welcome to the second half of Spring Term everyone!


We have lots of work to do this half term including our Good Work Celebration which is on March 17th. The children would like to have an art workshop for parents and children so watch this space for further details!


We all had a fantastic first day back as poet Ian Bland came to work with us for the day. He showed us how to write and perform poems for an audience. In our class workshop Year 3 wrote and performed their own Kennings poems. Have a look at Ian's website for lots of great ideas and activities.
Year 3 Romans! Take a look! 

Have a look at the scary clay Viking faces made by Year 3!

Welcome to the new school year everyone!

I hope we are going to have a fantastic (and hard-working!) time together!


Here is some basic information about the Autumn Term in Year 3:

* P.E days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

* French is on Tuesday afternoons every week with Madame Norman, our specialist French teacher.

* Homework will be sent home on Fridays for everyone in Year 3 and should be returned completed on Wednesdays every week.


I'm looking forward to meeting parents at the 'Meet The Teacher'event on Monday 19th. September (4:30 to 5 pm) when you can find out about the curriculum for your Year 3 children.


That's all for now.

Mrs. Tilsley