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Year 5

DT - investigating structures

In DT, Year Five investigated the strength of different structures. We learnt that a tower needs a solid base or it will collapse. We also observed that the thinner the structure, the more likely it was to fall over. We also had lots of fun investigating! 😃

Science - presenting our findings

After testing which material prevented an ice cube from melting, Year Five demonstrated their Maths skills by transferring their data onto bar charts and line graphs. We noticed very interesting and unexpected results!


Literacy - presenting an opinion of a text

Literacy - presenting an opinion of a text 1
Reading our class novel, Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful, we looked at the chapter where Charlie and Tommo Peaceful are poaching on the Colonel's land. The children discussed this issue, providing for and against arguments and presented this to explain to the class. There were lots of links to the texts and great responses to the issues discussed. Well done! 😃📚🗣

RE - the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Here are our freezeframes that show some of the scenes from the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant. The moral to story; love thy neighbour as yourself. 

Science - testing materials

Year Five have been testing and comparing different materials based on their properties. The children tested whether certain materials were magnetic, permeable, flexible, transparent and how hard they were. From our experiment, Year Five concluded that materials must have different properties and behave differently depending on their purpose. Someone even said that if all materials behaved the same way, we'd never discover anything new!

Art - posing for an artist

The children donned their best poses so that they could be copied as part of their North American artists project.

Victorian Topic - ordering events

As part of their Victorians topic, Year Five have learnt how to place events in chronological order by looking at the dates in which they happened.

Year Five trip to Helmshore Textile Museum

On the 24th May, Year Five launched their Victorian history topic off with a visit to Helmshore Textile Museum. Here they had the opportunity to learn how the mill worked and all of the different processes in spinning and weaving cotton. They also heard the experiences of the people who worked in the mill, including children of their age. Highlights of the trip were the demonstrations of the working machinery and planning their own model village based on the advice learnt on the tour of Helmshore.


The experience was enjoyed by all the children and it will support their learning throughout this topic. Here are some of the pictures from Mr Strachan's group. 

Bunny Hop 19th April

Here are some of the Year Five and Year Six children raising money for the Pendleside Hospice by acting like bunny rabbits! 

Park High School Big Maths and Science Challenge Day - 2nd March

On 2nd March, Year Five were invited to Park High School to take part in a day of practical Maths and Science. In the morning, we completed several challenges that we designed to test skills in logic, reasoning and trial and error. Aided by some of Park's Year Seven children, we gathered points for successful completion of a challenge.


Later that afternoon, Year Five designed their own rockets using empty drinks bottles. Using the power of a bike pump, we launched the rockets several metres into the air, much to the delight of all of the children.


We had a great day, enjoyed the activities and seeing former pupils. We look forward to linking up again!

February Half Term Homework - North America and the Rocky Mountains

This Half Term, the children were set another creative challenge. The children have created some wonderful pieces of work ranging from some fabulous models of famous North American landmarks to poetry. Which landmarks can you spot?
What do you think the Lego model is representing?

Take a look at our ICT homework presentations about North America

October Half Term Holiday Homework Project

Over the October Half Term, Mr Strachan set Year Five a creative homework challenge related to their Autumn Term topic of the Ancient Greeks. Year Five had to choose:


  • Creating a model of something Greek e.g. a soldier, a temple, something Olympic.

  • Writing a story or a poem about the Greeks.

  • Creating a presentation using ICT or writing about the Greeks.

  • Creating a piece of artwork about the Greeks.

  • Or some else of their choice that is about the Ancient Greeks.


Have a look at some of the awesome things that the Year Five's created.

Edina Trust Bulb Planting Project.

Christ Church have been invited to take part in the Edina Trust's Bulb Planting Project. On the 20th October, Years Three and Five planted their bulbs following specific instructions from Professor Plant, our guide from the Museum of Wales.


Over the coming months we will be recording our daily rainfall and temperature and posting the data onto an online moodle. When the bulbs start to grow, we must measure them daily and send the results to Professor Plant.


Professor Plant will then collect all of the data from the schools in the project and decide whether Spring is coming earlier compared to previous years.


Watch this space...