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Year Four

In Science this week we have been investigating how sounds are made. We made string telephones and tested how they work. We also explored how sounds are produced as vibration.

Welcome to Year 4 everyone! I hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday! We have lots of learning to do -again- this year. This half term's homework will be all about key skills so the children will be expected to practise their target times table and related division facts every day as well as doing a minimum of 15 minutes of reading daily. This daily practice is essential in order to embed the key skills needed as the children move up into Years 5 and 6. 


I look forward to talking with any parents who are able to attend the 'Meet the Teacher' workshop on Tuesday 18th. September. 

These are some excellent online times table programmes that can also be used as an app:
This week we took our class worship outside onto the school field. We all wrote a prayer of thanks and folded our prayer into an aeroplane. When we launched the 'prayeroplanes' we all shouted "Amen!"