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Year Six

Ready for Autumn 2...


Our theme for next half term will be called Words of War and Peace . Our first focus, with Armistice Day in our minds,  will be looking at the  poetry of WW1 and why it was defined afterwards as 'The war to end all wars'. What did this mean? Was this sentiment realised?  This  short animation should give you some food for thought...

Pendle Pupil Parliament- first meeting of the year

Pendle Pupil Parliament- first meeting of the year 1 Our school representatives ready for the off!
Pendle Pupil Parliament- first meeting of the year 2 Meetings take place in Nelson Town Hall.

This lovely bunch will be our first Prefects of 2017-18 and have already made  a good impression helping on the yard.

All the children in our class  have partnered up with a reception child as their 'buddies'. Everyone was very excited about  this responsibility- especially the Year 6's!

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Year 6  have started their new school year with an explosion of effort this week- well done!

We have already made a start on our themed work- Survival of the fittest- and have enjoyed getting our teeth stuck into  this half terms texts: Floodlands by Marcus Sedgwick and Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We have enjoyed using drama activities as we start to explore the feelings and thoughts of the  main character in Floodland- Zoe.

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