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Year Three

Wednesday 11th. October

In Science this week Year 3 have been investigating how shadows are formed. On Monday we went outside when the sun was out (we didn't have long!) to draw round the shadows our bodies made. Back in the classroom we used torches as a light source to make shadows from different objects. The children did really well at using some scientific words like transparent and opaque.


As part of our R.E. work we have been finding out about God's rules. We have learnt about how Moses received The Ten Commandments from God. This week we have researched the holy book for Jewish people and made our own examples of the Torah. We also enjoyed having a go at writing some letters in Hebrew! Take a look at our results...
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Tuesday 3rd. October

Year 3 went to Lancashire Archives in Preston today to research some of the history of our local area. We were all 'History Detectives' and we discovered some very interesting facts using the evidence from the archives. Stand by for the next instalment from the Year 3 History Detectives...

This week in English we have continued to read folk tales about Lancashire. This week's folk tale has been about a boggart that used to live in Ball Grove. We have discovered that boggarts are very mischievous and bad tempered creatures. We have read some eye witness accounts of boggart sightings. Next week we are going to make a boggart story trail in Ball Grove Park. I wonder if we'll spot any boggarts?
Picture 1
This week we have continued to find out about our local area. Here we are working collaboratively to put some historical maps into chronological order. It made us really think about how we decided which was the oldest map and which was the newest.

Welcome to Year 3 everyone! I hope everybody is ready for another big year of learning!

Make sure you have a look at our Big Picture to find out what we will be learning about this half term.