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Good morning my lovely crew- how are we faring today?

Today I am going to have a box of books ready for you to come and pick one up - if you need a book. They have been in the classroom since lockdown so are totally safe to read. Please pop into school over the next few days if you fancy a new read or even for a socially distanced 'hello'- it would be lovely to see you. Hope everyone is keeping up with some work- don't forget to let me know what you are up to or if you need any help. Missing you  all a lot. sad


English (on Mondays page)


I have also included some news items related to the recent 'Black Lives Matter' protests and the death of George Floyd

What are your thoughts on what has happened?

Is this a good  but tragic catalyst for change? If we were in class we would certainly be talking about this and what it means for a changing society.