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Arts & crafts for your new class in September UPDATED!

Normally in school we would have had a 'move up day' or taken part in some sort of transition tasks; thinking about your move into Year 2. This week I will post a number of art and craft tasks in relation to this.


Could you please do these at home, keep your pieces of work safe and then bring them into your new class in September.


We will be doing the same in school this week too and will post pictures of what we produce. 


See pictures below and instructions. 

1. Monday

 Glasses....I am looking forward to...


Use the glasses template and in your best handwriting can you write what you are looking forward to when you come back to school in September. Then give your glasses a colourful design. Try and impress Mrs Askew with your writing. 

2. Tuesday

When I grow up


Can you take a black and white photo and use a piece of paper or a chalk board to write on what you would like to be when you grow up. Either print it out on half an A4 and save it for September or email the picture. 

3. Wednesday

Your hand print


You will need:

  • 2 x different coloured card
  • black paint
  • 2 x different coloured pastels or chalks that smudge


1. First make your hand print on a coloured piece of card with black paint.

2. Next cut your hand print out and stick it on a different piece of coloured card and cut it into a sqaure.

3. Then use a coloured chalk or pastel to go around the outline of your hand print and smudge it.

4. Finally use a different coloured chalk or pastel and colour in the rest of the sqaure blending and smudging to get the affect you can see in the pictures.

4. Thursday - half a self portrait


Start with a black and white photo. Chop in half. Look closely at all the details on your face. Can you draw the other half?!

5. Friday