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LSCB MyAdvice Summary 5m15s

A visual summary of the LSCB MyAdvice findings, highlighting the views of Lancashire's children and young people about online safety.

Coding Apps

Coding Apps for you to try at home: 


Have a go at Coding at home using these apps for Apple iOS and Android. 


Search for: 


  • Bee-Bot FREE
  • Hopscotch Coding FREE
  • Lightbot Code Hour FREE
  • Daisy the Dinosaur FREE.


Coding Made Easy! 

Here are two excellent links to look at. 


For the Infants - Did you know that more items that you can think of involve some sort of computer? Help Nina and the Neurons spot some around the house. You may even see some which are familiar!


For the Juniors - Nearly everything we do nowadays involves us being online in some way. This CBBC link could really help you stay safe online and think about your own conduct as you surf the web, chat with friends and play games.

If ever you need to talk to your teacher about anything that bothers you online, please do not be shy to come forward. 

For Parents - Online Safeguarding Policy 2017