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Day 1 (04.05.20)

So, here we are, another Monday morning. I do hope you are all well. Don’t worry if you’re starting to feel a bit bored, frustrated or even a bit grumpy, I think many of your friends are feeling exactly the same. These are strange times. I’m getting through by living with the hope that things will start to change in a few weeks, even if only in small ways. If doing school work becomes too much, take a break from it. The main things we want you to be doing are reading (every day if possible) and maths (learning key facts – see 27.03. for a list of some of these – and practising calculations). These are the two most important things to keep your brain ‘ticking over’, ready for when you return to school.

Oh, and just one last thing. If you haven’t sent Mrs Canipa or me an email address (or contacted us), please could you contact me via the contact form on our class page, so that I can send anything additional you might need this week. Thank you.



English: Reading for today’s topic work (see below). Take your time to read through it and look up the meaning of/ask someone to explain any new vocabulary.


Maths: Here is the link for today’s maths:

Look for: Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) Choose Lesson 1 (‘Adding decimals within 1’). Watch the video and then complete the activity (the answers are underneath).


Topic (Geography): This week, we are continuing with our rainforest work, focussing on animals in the Amazon Rainforest.  Animals of the Amazon Rainforest are provided with a variety of habitats in the different layers of the forest trees and have special adaptations that allow them to live in the tropical conditions.

For today, please could you have a read through the PowerPoint and Fact Files below to learn about some of the animals that you would find in the Amazon Rainforest. You may like to carry out your own research on animals in the Amazon rainforest using the internet, too.

Then have a go at the activity below – see if you can place the animals in the correct layer of the rainforest.