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Day 1 (08.06.20)

Good morning lovely Year 5’s,


We hope you had a great weekend. We are both working from home this week so feel free to email either of us to keep us updated on how you’re getting on 😊.


Here are your tasks for today: (as always, do what you can)

  •  English/History:


Explore the Greek Gods using the following website:


Makes some short notes about each God.

Which is your favourite Greek God you have read about? Why?

Now read this extract from the book ‘Greek Gods and Heroes’:


Imagine you are to write an entry about your favourite God to go into the book. Design a page which could be inserted into the book. Think about your layout so it is similar to the rest of the book. Features such as sub-titles/sub-headings, fact boxes and pictures may be used.


  • Maths – As we have been doing lots of work on fractions (which is important revision for next year) and there are still a number of these sessions to come, we thought that we would start the week with something different.

        Choose Year 4 or Year 5:


  • PSHE – If you would like an additional activity, go back to the remote learning home page. Scroll down until you find ‘Picture News’ and the picture that acts as a prompt for a question (this week it’s about having a routine). Next you can either (a) choose Picture News at Home and discuss any ideas with your family or (b) choose Picture News Paper and enjoy reading the articles (remembering to highlight and look up any words you are unsure about).


We hope you have a great day

Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

       😊                                  😊