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Day 1 (30.03.20)

Lovely art work sent in by Emilia, Jessica O, Lukas and now Jessica W from Friday's art challenge.We would love to see some more - send us a picture if you can :)

Hi Year 5,


Hope you’ve had a wild, wonderful or wacky – and not just weird – weekend (are you impressed with the use of alliteration and dashes? 😊).

Well, here we are at the start of Week 2. Normally, during this week, we’d be focussing our thoughts even more on Easter with our daily ‘events of holy week’ worship. I’m really sorry that we can’t all be together to do this, as I really enjoy this week in school and our Easter service in church (your singing is always great).

This week, as last week, Mrs Canipa and I are going to jointly post your tasks onto the website. We are aiming to set tasks this week that cover some different subjects, in order to vary your learning and help you to practise and develop your skills in different areas.

Anyway, I’d better stop hogging the whole page and leave some space for Mrs Canipa as well as your tasks.


Well, this is the week that Miss Wood would usually leave me to be ‘in charge’ of all the Easter, arty activities. I had some lovely ideas for Easter cards this week. Maybe at some point this week you could make an Easter card for someone in your family or a neighbour, or even post one to a distant relative? Mrs Tilsley has also set a funny face challenge (see the Remote learning start page). I will be trying this with Evie this week – will post a picture and let you know how we get on.

I hope you have a great second week 😊.


Missing you all lots,

Keep in touch,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa   😊

Here are your tasks for today:  (plus the funny face challenge)

  • P.E.: The now famous ‘Joe Wicks workout’ for however long you can manage it (or some other form of equally energetic exercise).


  • English: Remember to be keeping up with regular, if not daily, reading – a balance of fiction and non-fiction wherever possible. This is critical 😊 for keeping your brains active.

  Written comprehension – Have a go at the fourth comprehension in your books ‘Tales of King Arthur’ on   

  pages 8 and 9.

  • Maths: This week we would like you to use some resources provided by White Rose Maths Hub. Each day, we will post the activity for the day, alongside the answers (No peeking until you’re finished! Unless you’re really stuck, that is). We will also post a link to a video on the White Rose website that we would like you to watch before attempting your work.

       Although now in Week 2, we are using the resources under Year 5 Week 1.



       Watch the video called ‘Lesson 1 – Decimals up to 2 dp’.

       Then complete:

  • Computing: You have a choice. Either:


Improve your typing skills using the BBC’s Dance Mat Typing program.


 (The second link is to level 2). Use the link below to access all levels.



Improve your Coding skills on the Code for Life website. You can start at whichever level you please, although you would be best starting at Level 1, as the challenges are progressive.