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Day 1 (11.05.20)


Hello Year 5,


We hope you’ve had a lovely bank holiday weekend and been able to take advantage of the sunshine during your daily exercise. This week we are both working from home.


Here are today’s tasks:

English / Geography:


So far in our rainforest topic, we have learnt all about the amazing plant and animal life that exists in the Amazon Rainforest.

Have a read through the following PowerPoint. It provides information about why rainforests are so important and the current daily threats they are facing. It makes for some very interesting (and sad) reading.

As you read through, we would like you to make some notes on what you have read. Keep your notes somewhere safe as you will need them later this week.

Note: In case the links for the videos do not work in the PowerPoint, I have put them below:


Deforestation in Bolivia -

Why are rainforests being destroyed -




Today we would like you to consolidate some learning from previous weeks that was on the White Rose website. Today’s activities can be found in your workbooks:

1) Read page 26 – ‘Thousandths’ and page 32 – ‘Writing Decimals as Fractions’. Then answer questions 1 and 2 on page 38.

2) Read page 33 – ‘Rounding Decimals’. Then answer questions 3 and 6 on page 38.


Although we didn’t set Week 2 Lesson 2 (‘Order and Compare Decimals’) on White Rose, you could still complete the work related to this topic:

3) Read page 34 – ‘Ordering and Comparing Decimals’. Then answer question 4 on page 38.

[If you need further practice with this skill, have a look at the video and related activity on the White Rose website: ].


Missing you all,

Take care,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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