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Day 1 (20.04.20)

Hello again Year 5.


We hope you had a lovely Easter with your family, had lots of fun, stayed safe and made the most of the beautiful weather. Looks like it’s here to stay for a bit longer, too 😊.


We hope you haven’t indulged too much on chocolate eggs (just quite a lot!). Did anyone complete the challenge to save our egg until Easter Sunday? We know Millie did (brilliant will power there, Millie!). Let us know if you managed to resist (we forgive you if it was just too long to wait!).


Well, it’s the start of Summer Term and it’s not how we would like to be teaching you. We miss all of you very much and we hope that we will get to see your smiling faces very soon.


But in the meantime, we will continue to post up activities every day that you could give a go. These are just ideas to keep your brains active and engaged with learning, to help you to maintain the progress you have already made this year. Do whatever you can but don’t worry if you can’t get through everything; we would rather have too many things for you to choose from than not enough.


The work that we will be setting this week will be linked to the topic that we would have been studying if you were in school – Amazon Adventure. This is a topic we love teaching and we will try to create activities that will enable you to learn about the Amazon Rainforest as best we can.


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

       😊                    😊


  • Maths: Place Value. In your workbooks read pages 3, 4, 5 and 7 (and re-read pages 2 and 6 if you have time). Answer any questions that you have not yet answered on pages 8 and 9.



  • English: Reading – Background reading for geography.

Geography: Where is the Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world and is home to many different species of animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects and more! The Amazon Basin is located in South America and covers approximately 40% of the continent.  



Using a map, atlas, globe or the internet roughly draw where the Amazon Rainforest covers on the map below. Then see if you can identify and label the 9 different countries the Amazon Rainforest covers (use a map, atlas, the information sheets from the English activity above or the internet to help you). If you are unable to print out the map, make a note of which continent the Amazon Rainforest is located in and make a list of the countries it covers.