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Day 1

Read together the opening chapter of one of the first stories about Horrid Henry:
Discuss – How is Henry feeling about the dance class? Why doesn’t he want to go? What would he rather be doing? What do you think about Madame Tutu? What does Madame Tutu think of Henry’s dancing? Support by watching the opening of the animated version of the same story up to 3:08 mins:

Horrid Henry's Dance Class Episode 45

Pretend you are Henry and write in role. Write a letter to Mum and Dad, pleading with them to stop taking you to the dance classes.Discuss all the reasons you could include in the letter, e.g. you’d rather learn karate, Madame Tutu screeches at you, your friends at school will laugh when they see you as a raindrop, etc. Use your discussion to help write your letter. You might want to use the introductory sentence and sentence starters below to help you: Dear Mum and Dad, I’m writing this letter to convince you that dance classes are not for me! First of all, … Another reason … Also, … Finally, … Please say you’ll think about it! Love Henry Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.


Begin by thinking about and discussing the feelings associated with saying goodbye to people. Encourage your child to talk about their own experiences of saying goodbye on different occasions.

Goodbye can be communicated in many ways. In the story of the Ascension although it is not recorded that Jesus actually said the word, he was in fact saying goodbye to his close friends.

Ascension Day is 40 days after Easter.

It is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar. It is the day when we remember Jesus returning to heaven (ascending), leaving his disciples with the instructions to be his witnesses in all the world. Acts 1:1-11. 

Tell the story of Jesus’ Ascension into heaven using a children’s Bible.