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Day 1

Discuss with your child: What do you already know about birds? What questions might you have about birds? E.g. Can all birds fly? What is the smallest/ biggest bird in the world? Where do birds live? Over the next two weeks, your research will hopefully help you in answering some of your questions! Ask your child to write down any questions they may have, reminding them to use question marks. Watch What are Birds?


Ask, what do you know about birds now? Watch the clip a few times, each time pausing to allow your child to record key facts. Perhaps you could record different facts on sticky notes and make a fact poster. Now watch All About Birds:

All About Birds for Children: Animal Learning for Kids - FreeSchool

Record more key facts on sticky notes. Have any of your questions been answered already? Begin to pick out some new words and talk about their meaning, e.g. vertebrates, bill, habitat, camouflage. Use Word Hippo: to look up new words and find out what they mean. Practise putting any new words into new sentences.