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Day 1

Scissors by Allan Ahlberg Read the poem Scissors here:
Now play the audio recording of the poem as read by Allan Ahlberg. Make connections with the poem. Discuss – Did you enjoy the poem? What is the role of the narrator in the poem? (teacher). What does the poem remind you of? Does your teacher ever sound like this?! Rehearse reading the poem aloud, as if you are the teacher. Try to use as much expression as you can. Don’t forget to use facial expressions and gestures too! You might start your reading very calmly and then become gradually more exasperated when the scissors can’t be found! In the poem, it is scissors that have been lost. What tends to get lost in your classroom? E.g. glue sticks, whiteboard pens, sharpeners, pen lids, rulers, jumpers etc. Write your own version of the poem, based on what is commonly lost in your classroom. You can use a combination of lines and phrases from the original poem with your own ideas and sayings too! E.g. Nobody leave the room. Everyone listen to me. We had twenty brand new glue sticks this morning, And now there’s only three! Seventeen sets of glue sticks Disappeared from sight! Class monitors – we need you to find them, We can stop here all night! Keep reading your poem out loud to hear the rhythm and check it makes sense. It doesn’t have to rhyme providing it includes some entertaining phrases that your teacher might say! Proof-read your poem to check for spelling and punctuation. When you have finished, perform your poem to those in your household. If you are able to, record it and send it to your teacher at school to make them smile!

Year 2 - Week 8 - Lesson 1 - Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes

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