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Day 2 (02.06.20)

Hello Year 5,


How was your ‘first day back’? We know that for some of you, completing home learning tasks is part of your daily routine now. Well done if you’re managing to complete even some of the tasks we set. We are also aware that some of you have been finding learning at home a challenge, either because you haven’t got access to certain technology or because you’re having to share equipment with someone else at home. We’re really proud of you for finding ways around this. Equally, others of you are finding it hard because the novelty of home learning has worn off - if it ever was a novelty - or you are finding it hard to settle to your work when there are distractions at home (such as a really good game that is much more appealing!). However you’re feeling, we are certain that someone else will be feeling just like you, so don't worry.

Of course we would love for you to be keeping your brains ‘ticking over’ (especially through reading), but it’s really important (in fact, more important) that you stay happy and healthy. Try to eat well (have fruit with your ice cream!), chat lots (even if it’s with the dog/cat/fish – ok, maybe not the fish) and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Remember that other activities, such as baking, craft/model-making, drawing, playing sports, making music, playing board games, doing jigsaws, filling in puzzle books and even learning a new skill, such as sewing, sawing (under supervision of course!) or even putting clean sheets on your bed, all count as learning. You might be surprised at how much ‘learning’ you have been doing recently!

And don’t forget…


…we’re at the end of an email if you need us,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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Here are your tasks for today:

                 Choose:   Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May).  Lesson 3 – Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and  

                                 vice versa.

      (a) Watch the video and then complete the activity below:

(b) The corresponding pages in your maths workbook are the top of page 29 and the bottom of page 30 for explanation and page 38 question 5 to test yourself.


  • English – Please refer to yesterday’s page.


  • History (Geography) – This is the start of our new history topic, even though today’s lesson is geography-based. Your task is to find out about modern-day Greece. Below are different fact files and PowerPoints for you to read through (you don’t have to answer the comprehension questions, unless you’d like some extra practice!). Remember to ask about or look up any words that you do not understand. After reading, try to note down five pieces of information/key facts you have learnt. See if you can do this without looking back at the information.

         [Remember to view the Powerpoints in the 'Slide Show']