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Day 2

Read together the opening extract from Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party from the collection Fearsome Four:

Discuss – How is Henry feeling about his birthday? How are his Mum and Dad feeling about his birthday?
Why are they feeling differently to Henry?Support by watching the opening of the animated version of the same story up to
3:01 mins where Henry hands out his invitations.

Horrid Henry's Birthday

Design and write an invitation to Henry’s birthday party at Laser Zap. If you have some, look at party invitations you have received in the past for ideas. You will need to include:
Please come to my birthday party!
On (date):
At (time):
Location (where):
Special requirements: (e.g. fancy dress, swimming costume, Henry may even be so rude as to ask for a huge present!)
Please reply to:
Remember to include capital letters at the start of peoples’ names, days of the week, months of the year, places, etc.
Decorate your invitation to make it as attractive as possible.

Have a discussion about heaven. That is where Jesus said he was going. So what is it like?  Would a Christian agree with you?  


Look at pieces of art work depicting the Ascension. There are some nice ones on the fact files


Ask  what they think is the most important part of the Ascension story. What would a Christian say was the most important part of the story? 


When Jesus left he said that he would be with us always, how is that possible?


If you would like to you could write a newspaper article. Think is you had been there when Jesus ascended into heaven what would you tell people?

For newspaper article