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Day 2 (16.06.20)

Good morning Year 5,


We hope you are all OK. I have posted up the answers from yesterday’s maths activity (forgot to post yesterday – oops! It’s on Monday’s page).


Here are your tasks for today:



Watch the video below and then have a go at the follow up activity.  

Year 5 - Week 6 - Lesson 2 - Multiply mixed numbers by integers

This is "Year 5 - Week 6 - Lesson 2 - Multiply mixed numbers by integers" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people...



Read and watch What was life like on board Titanic?


Now watch this clip Timeline: The Sinking of Titanic – Britannica Encyclopaedia from 4:08 mins to 5:05 mins



Imagine you are employed by the White Star Line (the company who owned Titanic) and have been asked to create a promotional leaflet or poster to advertise Titanic and its facilities.

Create a leaflet or poster persuading people of all classes to buy a ticket. Try to include information of what’s available to do on board for all classes.

If you’d like more information and images about the facilities available on board Titanic, use this website to support writing your leaflet or poster:


Make sure you continue to proof-read your work as you write, checking for spelling and

Themed Week:


Look back to Monday’s page and chose another activity to complete off linked to our ‘Houses’ theme.


We hope you have another lovely day at home, fingers crossed the rain stays away.

Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

     😊                        😊