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Day 2 (19.05.20)

Hello Year 5,

We hope you are all well. What a miserable day it was yesterday. Really hoping the sun is on its way. Here are a few tasks to keep your brains ticking away and to keep you busy.



Today we are going to have another go at ‘number of the week’. Choose either the Year 4 option to work with a 4-digit number or the Year 5 option to work with a 6-digit number.


Here’s a little SPaG workout we would like you to have a go at. It should be a little bit of revision for you.


We are going to continue our work on life cycles. A life cycle is the different stages a plant or animal goes through during its life. Today we will start to look at lifecycles of animals.


Watch the following clip (this is the clip we watched yesterday but start from 3 minutes 14 until the end).


Then see if you can match the definitions for the following words.

Now have a read through this PowerPoint and then try complete the activity below (comparing life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds).

(Please don’t worry if you don’t have time to do all these Science activities today– you can continue with them tomorrow)


We hope you have a lovely day,

Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

      😊                      😊