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Day 2 (21.04.20)


Good Morning Year 5,


We hope that you are all well. Here are your tasks for today:


  • Maths: Number and Place Value – Following on from your work yesterday, have a go at this set of mixed questions.


  • English: Reading comprehension – Here are some rainforest-themed short comprehensions for you to try. For each comprehension, the text and questions are on page 1 and the answers on page 2.


  •  Geography:


We are going to continue our work on the Amazon Rainforest.


A bit of background information:

Rainforests are Earth’s oldest living ecosystems. An ecosystem is made up of all the living things that make up the communities and life in an area. A puddle, the desert and a river are all examples of ecosystems. An ecosystem also includes non-living materials such as water, rocks, soil and sand.



Today, we would like you to watch the following clips and make some notes (you will need these notes for tomorrow’s activity). Make notes on the features of rainforest ecosystems:

  • What types of plants might you find?
  • What types of animals might you find?
  • What is the climate like?


Some clips will have timings next to them – these are the parts of the videos that are relevant.


Below is a simple glossary that may come in handy over the next few weeks.



Please do keep in touch to let us know what you have been up to (it doesn’t need to be about school work). Perhaps you have learnt a new skill whilst you have been away from school (washing up perhaps! 😊).               On a serious note, it would be great to hear if you have had the time to try something new or even if you have been able to spend more time on one of your interests/hobbies outside of school.


Until tomorrow,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

       😊                           😊