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Day 2 (24.03.20)

Good Morning Year 5!


Here are your tasks for today:

  • Task 1: P.E. – Get moving with Joe Wicks at 9:00am. Even spending fifteen minutes on his workout should set you up for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to stay hydrated (drink plenty of water or even milk, which will be essential laugh for helping to keep your bones strong, if you are not managing to get outside every day).
  • Task 2: English, Reading – Rather than setting a written comprehension today, we would like you to go on ReadTheory (your password is in the front cover of comprehension book one). We are not going to set a particular amount of work to do on this, nor a specific time limit. We will leave it to you and your parents to make this judgement.

We can see that some of you have already used this program a number of times. If those people would rather spend more time reading print today (a book, newspaper or magazine), we are happy for you to do this instead.

  • Task 3: Maths – (a) In your workbook. Start by reading page 53 (‘3D Shapes'). Then complete questions 1 and 4 on page 62. (b) On paper. Complete the word problems below.
  • Task 4: Spelling - We feel that this is an ideal opportunity to revise and improve your spelling skills. Today we would like you to look at words containing silent letters, e.g. doubt, knight, whistle, etc.

Here is the link:

Just to make you aware, the children in school will be having a more creative afternoon today. They will be making rainbow pictures to be put up in the windows and around the playground fence at school (this will be an ongoing activity that will take place over this week and the coming weeks). They will also be making cards with rainbow hearts on the front to send out to local care homes, to hopefully brighten the day of the elderly residents living there. Feel free to get involved and either send us your pictures to display or take a photograph and send it to us at school. We would love to see what you have been up to.

Oh, and finally. Don’t forget that it is absolutely crucial laugh that in amongst any work you do, you have plenty of down time/ fun time / chill time (whatever you want to call it).

When you do work at home, especially if you have someone helping you with it, it is much more intense (this means harder, because all of the focus is on you). It is not like being in class, where you can switch off for a few minutes to recharge (you know who you are! wink).

Unfortunately, school work is no longer as it was. It is still vital laugh to keep up with certain things, such as reading, but it is also important to look after what is called your mental health (your thoughts and feelings) and your physical health (your body) by exercising and eating healthily (which includes treats as well as fruit and vegetables or the other way round if you have a sweet tooth!).


Please do take care of yourselves and your families (even the little brother or sister you want to throttle – remember that they will be feeling worried too – why not surprise them with a hug or offer to play their favourite – really boring/daft - game?).


We’re here if you need us,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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