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Day 2 (28.04.20)

Good Morning Year 5,


Looks like the sun has gone on holiday sad – hopefully not for too long. Here are a few things to keep you busy today 😊




Please watch the video – Understand Percentages and then have a go at the follow up activity.

(Note that we are looking at lesson 3) 


Today we would like you to read the first two chapters of our book - The Explorer. Find a quiet spot in your house or garden and enjoy!

Geography/ Topic:

Using the notes you have made so far (particularly from yesterday’s task) we would like you to create a presentation about plant life in the Rainforest. You can be as creative as you like – from a PowerPoint, to a poster, a shoe box to a tower of boxes. You will be given the rest of the week to complete the task so take as long as you need.

Below are a few notes and some ideas that will hopefully inspire you.

Reminder – Thank you to all of you who emailed me yesterday. If you have not yet emailed me, please can you do so using the contact form at the top of our class page. We will hopefully be emailing you some resources by the end of the week. If you have emailed me or Miss Wood previously there is no need to email us again as we already have your email addresses 😊.


We hope you have a great day and enjoy getting stuck into your mini project,


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

      😊                     😊