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Day 2

Read the opening extract of The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright here:
Make a list of all the reasons why Kevin the Koala chose not to move or to change.
Watch and listen to the story here up to 4:09 mins:

The Koala Who Could I By Rachel Bright Jim Field I Jana's Bananas Storytime I Read Aloud Book

Imagine you are one of the wild animals trying to convince Kevin to come down from his tree. What might you say to him to persuade him? Write a persuasive speech to shout up to Kevin in his treetop! Try to include lots of reasons – you can use some of the ideas listed earlier in the book too! You might want to use some of the following sentences or sentence starters to help you:
Kevin, I really do think you should come down from the tree now!
First of all ...
Another reason is …
Have you thought about
What if …?
When you come down,

If you come down, …
Finally …
Remember to try and reassure Kevin – you are writing as if you are one of his friends!
Rehearse each sentence before you write it down to check it makes sense. Don’t forget to go back and read through your work to
check for spelling and punctuation.
Enjoy watching and listening to the end of the story – up to 5:55 mins.
What lesson does Kevin learn?