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Day 2 (30.06.20)




Hope you’re all well. It’s the last day of June today. Hasn’t this month passed quickly?


Here are your tasks for today:




! The clips and reading material today may contain content which is sensitive to your child. It is advised that this clip and web page are watched, read and discussed together with an adult.


Watch the BBC Teach dramatisation of the scientist Edward Jenner, making notes as you watch:


Now read about Edward Jenner’s life and make any additional notes:


Based on what you have read and watched, design and create one of the following:


(a)   a fact page based on the life and work of Edward Jenner which could feature in a science magazine

(b)   a comic based on the life and work of Edward Jenner suitable for a child your age


Whichever outcome you select, consider these points:


  • Make sure you include all of the key facts about Edward’s life – from his childhood up until his death
  • Think about your use of vocabulary. Make sure your work is exciting to read but also informative for your reader
  • Consider the layout. How will you set out your work so that the information is easy to follow?



Today we are going to read and interpret line graphs -  yey 😊!

Have a look at the video and then complete the activity below.

Year 5 - Week 8 - Lesson 2 - Read and interpret line-graphs

This is "Year 5 - Week 8 - Lesson 2 - Read and interpret line-graphs" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who...




Spar Lancashire School Games Virtual Festival – 30th June   

Throughout the year, schools compete against each other to gain a place at the Spar Lancashire School Games Festival, which is held in Blackpool. We have been lucky enough to attend twice and narrowly missed out on two other occasions. It’s usually a fantastic day, and somehow, they always manage to book great weather. However, due to the current situation, the School Games festival will not be taking place this year. As a result, they have designed a Virtual Sports day for all children across Lancashire to participate in. Follow the link below for more information, a line up of the day, list of events, along with video demonstrations, score cards and celebration video.


Don’t forget to send us any photos or videos (and your family score cards). Good luck and have fun 😊


Missing you lots,

Stay safe,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa       

      smiley                         smiley