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Day 2 (31.03.20)

Good morning Year 5,


WOW it was chilly yesterday! It didn’t stop us getting wrapped up and getting outside though. I know the cold weather didn’t stop Scarlett either – she got wrapped up and went for a walk yesterday and spotted our beautiful Christ Church rainbow on the yard.


Thank you to all those children who sent in photos yesterday. I will make another ‘round up of the week’ on Friday so please email any photos across to me and I will pop them on our class page. It would also be lovely to see some of your artwork / funny faces from the funny face challenge too.


Note: You may have noticed that we have now added an ‘Answers’ page to our class page. You will find all the answers to last week’s maths and comprehension activities under ‘Week 1 Answers’. Any answers to tasks set this week will be uploaded to the ‘Week 2 Answers’ page over the course of this week so you can check how you have got on.


Change of person!

I don’t know about you Year 5, but I am seeing things in a whole new light. On my walks (I know, it’s only taken a serious virus to get me exercising! 😊), I have noticed much more than I ever would have done before. Perhaps being restricted to what I can leave the house for, I have come to value any time outside in the fresh air. For example, over the past week I have spotted: a heron, a group of frogs, frogspawn, a pheasant and a robin and I heard what I thought was a woodpecker. I’ve also come to appreciate the lovely bits of countryside we have on our doorstep (thank goodness we don’t live in the city).

I’ve even joined in with a bit of artwork with Adam (we tried our first funny face) – these are strange times indeed! 😊 Thank you to everyone who is keeping me informed about their activities; I really enjoy reading your messages.



Here are your tasks for today:

  • PE: Joe Wicks workout (if you can manage it). Yesterday’s workout was tough - my legs (Mrs Canipa’s) were aching all day yesterday but I can feel myself getting fitter 😊. If it’s not for you, try to take a walk, do your own fitness routine to music OR have a look at exercise bingo below. See if you can get 5 in a row or work up to a full house. 
  • Science: Forces – It’s such a shame we cannot carry on with our Science unit on forces in school, especially with there being so many exciting investigations we could have carried out. So, I thought you could try and do your own science investigations at home.


This week, we will look at Friction. I have posted a PowerPoint for you to have a quick read through (you know how I love a good PowerPoint!) and then an investigation for you to try out. I have left you instructions and guidance – any problems let me know. If you think back to the investigations we did on materials for the music festival (in Autumn term), you will see that they are very similar.


I have tried to suggest things you will have at home but don’t worry if you don’t have some of them - use whatever you have or what you can get hold of. I would love to see your finished investigations so do send me a photo.


(I am not expecting you to print out the investigation sheet, although you can if you want. It is there as a guide. Write your investigation on a piece of paper or in a note pad).


Note: This investigation will take you more than a day. You will need at least a day to gather your resources, freeze your water and then a day to carry out your investigation.


Happy investigating! 😊

and we mustn’t forget…


  • English:  We’re trying something a little different again today. We’re going to provide you with a resource, but how you choose to use it will be entirely up to you.

    You could:

    (a) Look at the picture, read the information and then think of your answers in your head.

    (b) Do as above but then share your thoughts with someone else in your house (who will hopefully share theirs back with you – partner work, family style!). Or, if possible, you could ring someone from Year 5 and engage in partner work over the phone (after asking permission to do this, of course).

    (c) Do one or other of the above but also write down your answers, just to make sure that your hand is still able to write sentences after all of this time away from school.

    (d) Go all out and write the next part of the story – we challenge you! You don’t have to write lots; even the next few paragraphs would wake up your ‘writing brain’. We’d love to see a copy of anything you do write.


    Here’s the resource:


And here are some prompt sheets that might help you with your ideas, particularly if you choose to write anything down:


  • Maths: We are now on day 2 of our decimals learning.


       Remember, we are using the resources under Year 5 Week 1 at:


       Today, please watch the video called ‘Lesson 2 – Decimals as fractions (1)’.


       Then complete:



Please don't worry if you are unable to complete all of the work we set each day. Feel free to complete the tasks whenever it is convenient for you and your family - even if that's on a Saturday afternoon. We have both experienced the challenges of working from home, alongside fitting in 'home learning' time and having some quality family time. We know exactly how your parents are feeling!


We simply want to ensure that if having school work set is what is helping to give some structure to your day, that we are giving you lots of different ideas to try. Just don't forget to relax and have fun too.


We hope you have a great day,


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

 😊                  😊