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Day 3 (01.04.20)




Hope you are all well. Here are your tasks for today:


  • Maths: We are now on day 3 of our decimals learning.


      We are still using the resources under Year 5 Week 1 at:


       Today, please watch the video called ‘Lesson 3 – Decimals as fractions (2)’.


       Then complete:


  • English: Spelling - Today we would like you to look at words that are either homophones (sound the same) or are often confused because they sound similar.


        Click on the link below and choose an activity/activities from either the Spelling Tiles section or the Practice/Test section.


 Alternatively, see how many different homophones you can think of. Remember these come in pairs (or is it pears? laugh) or   sometimes even in groups of three.


Some examples to get you started are:


to – too – two                    aloud – allowed                      cereal – serial


doe – dough                      cue – queue                           foul – fowl


Further to this, we are not going to set any other tasks for today.  Should you be looking to complete additional work, our suggestions are:


(a) Complete any tasks that you have not yet had chance to start or that you have started but not yet finished. These might be: creating a rainbow picture; the funny face challenge; one of the 'Christ Church 30 challenges'; time on Read Theory; reading for pleasure (which could also be to/with someone else) or any other task we have set. Equally, you might go back to look at the spellings we have already covered to reinforce these or you could look through your maths facts sheet, grammar sheets or spelling sheets that we have sent home several times over the course of the year (if you want time away from your computer but still want to do something related to school work).


(b) Go on Sumdog. Miss Rudge has set up a new school-wide competition. This again involves all classes from Year 1 upwards but instead of competing as a class, you will be one of four mixed-class teams. Will your team be victorious on Friday? 


(c) Do something for someone else or something that will bring a smile to someone else. You might: do some housework; ring a family member that you have not been able to see because of 'lockdown'; make a start on an Easter card or just be a thoroughly pleasant, polite and helpful person all day (angel)  - like you always are, of course! (laugh).



Stay safe and keep in touch,


Until tomorrow,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa    smiley