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Day 3 (06.05.20)


Morning everyone!


I hope you are all well. Wasn’t the weather strange yesterday? If you spent any time outside, you might know exactly what I mean: glorious sunshine and yet really cold (I stepped outside in a light jumper and promptly went back inside for a coat!).


Here are your tasks for today:


English – Please continue with yesterday’s task. If you have finished it, why not return to it (as we would in class) and proof-read for any minor (or major!) punctuation or grammatical errors. Or, if you managed to do that yesterday, see if there are any parts you could improve by: changing a word or perhaps adding in additional phrases, adjectives or some of our other writing skills, such as expanded noun phrases, subordinate clauses (using conjunctions such as so that, until, whilst, although, despite etc.) or even a relative clause (don’t forget to use commas!).

When you do finish, we would love to read your work. Either post it up on Facebook or email it to us (as a photo or a document if you have typed it out). Just remember to let us know if you are happy for us to post it on our class webpage for your friends to see or whether it is for my and Mrs Canipa’s eyes only!


Maths – The usual link:

Scroll down to find: Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) – Choose Lesson 3 (‘Complements to 1’). Watch the video and complete the accompanying worksheet (the answers are underneath). 

[In your workbooks, the bottom half of page 12 and page 32 are relevant to today’s learning].


Topic – Continue with yesterday’s project grid. Don’t forget to send us any examples of your work, remembering to let us know if you are happy for it to be posted on the website.



As always, take care,

Keep in touch,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

       😊                      😊