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Day 3

Return to the theme of Henry’s birthday party from yesterday. Talk about how a birthday party takes a lot of preparation and
planning! Today, you are going to help Henry’s family with the planning and make some lists.
Re-watch the animated version here, up to 3:36 mins:

Horrid Henry's Birthday

Imagine you are Henry’s Mum. Write a list of all the party food Mum would like to buy. Continue to add more items than those
mentioned in the clip. Now imagine that you are Henry. Write a list of all the party food that Henry would like to buy. Add some more
items to this list too!

Remember to use commas to separate all the items on your list!
Later on, (5:10 mins) Dad says, ‘I know lots of good games.’ Make a list of all the party games that could be played at Henry’s party. Talk about how Henry might spoil each one.
Watch to the end of the story.
Imagine you are either Henry or Henry’s Mum. Write some sentences listing all the reasons why you think Henry should or shouldn’t have a birthday party next year.
Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.