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Day 3 (10.06.20)


Happy hump day Year 5 (bet you're all wondering what hump day is? See if you can find out)


We hope you're all well. Here are your tasks for today: smiley



Read Chapter 4 ‘My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting’ from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief here:

You can also listen as you read here:


Write down words and phrases from the text that describe the minotaur.



Now watch the film clip of the same scene here:     (PG certificate – ask your mum or dad first).


Have a go at writing some sentences that start with words ending in ‘ing’ to describe the scene, such as: ‘Drawing his sword, Percy dived towards the fearsome creature.’


A list of words ending in ‘ing’ can be found here:

Use some of your ‘ing openers’ and your own ideas to write this scene in your own words.


  • Maths – Fractions


           Choose:   Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May).  Lesson 4 – Subtract mixed numbers


(a) Watch the video and then complete the activity below:


  • R.E. – The first unit of this half term is ‘Proverbs’. The Book of Proverbs is found in the Old Testament between Psalms and Ecclesiastes. It is thought that these were written mostly by King Soloman (the king who said to cut a baby in half to find out who his true mother was). He was known as the ‘wise’ king (said to have wisdom).

   Proverbs are sayings, one or two sentences long, with a meaning behind them (you have to think about the    

   meaning as it isn’t just a case of understanding the words).

   Below is a document containing some proverbs:

Read through each one and then:


(a) Decide what you think each proverb means and what someone could learn from it (that is, what they might do differently after reading it).

(b) Choose your favourite proverb and decide why you have chosen that particular one.

(c) Share and discuss (some of) your ideas with someone else (either from your household, with one of your classmates or with me  – Miss Wood - via the contact form/email).


We hope you have a great day,


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

         😊                           😊