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Day 3 (13.05.20)


Hi Everyone!


Happy Numeracy Day! (yes, it really is an actual day). In fact, there is a webpage dedicated to it, which has lots of different (including some famous) people appearing in live videos from 8:00am until 6:00pm today. Although not one of your tasks, we have included the web address, in case you want to have a look.    [We have no idea what these videos will be like, however]


Here are today’s tasks: (including ‘double’ maths – yeah!)    [As always, only do what you can]



(a) Mixed maths questions. There are two pages, each with around six questions. You can tackle either or both pages. [The answers can be accessed via the rainbow]

(b) 2D shapes crossword – how extensive is your 2D shape vocabulary? Have a go and find out! [The answers are on page 3 of the document – no peeking until you’ve had a go!]

Geography: Deforestation

Today, we are continuing our work on deforestation. Look back over the notes you made on Monday and the information you found out from yesterday’s comprehension. You might choose to carry out your own additional research, too.


We would then like you to think about this question:


Should deforestation be banned?


Using the information you have gathered, we would like you to create a list of arguments for and against this idea. Split your paper in two. Down one side list all the reasons why deforestation should be banned and on the other side make a list of why deforestation shouldn’t be banned. Keep hold of this list – you will need it tomorrow 😊.


Alternatively, there is a simple template below that you can print out, if you would prefer this to drawing your own table.

We’ve also added some arguments for and against deforestation below (in case you need them).


As always, have a great day,

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Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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