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Day 3

Read pages 8-11 of the RSPB Nature Birds Guide. This could be by reading the text to your child or by reading a paragraph, or page, to each other.

Return to pp 10-11, What do birds do all year? Using a paper plate if you have one (or a large circle drawn on paper), split it into quarters. Label each quarter with a season. Using the information from the text, write down what the swallow does in each season. You can make your own sentences using key words from the text to help you. Colour and decorate your seasonal circle to make it

Enjoy listening to Follow the Swallow by Julia Donaldson using the link here:

Follow The Swallow by Julia Donaldson, Read Aloud Book Story for Children

A tale written by Julia Donaldson. This is a story about two different birds, a swallow and a blackbird who become friends. Their ways of living differ a lot...

When you hear about Apollo the swallow in the story, can you make links with some of the facts you’ve recorded on your seasonal  plate?