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Day 3 (20.05.20)

Good morning Year 5,

We hope you are all keeping well. It’s going to be a beautiful day so try to enjoy some time outside .

Here are your tasks for today:



Today we will be learning about area. Please can you:

a) Read pages 44 and 45  in your workbook and then answer questions 5 and 6 on page 50 and question 12 on page 51.


 b) Have a look at the White Rose link below.

 (Go to Summer term – Week 4 – Lesson 1 ‘Area of rectangles’). Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet.


Sorry for the confusion this morning Year 5. I know some of you have emailed notifying me you cannot download the worksheet. School do have a subscription so please don't subscribe. The worksheet is below (along with the answers) smiley


Please can you complete the comprehension about the comparisons of Life Cycles. (You can either print out it out or write your answers to the questions on a piece of paper).


I was going to save this activity for Friday as a nice way to end the half term, but the weather is so nice today that it’s the perfect activity to do outside. First we need to jump back to the work we did on ‘parts of a flower’ because today we are going to look at botanical paintings and botanical illustrations.


Botanical paintings are detailed paintings/representations of flowers and plants at a single moment in time. (They are painted to look as they do at that exact time). This is an example:

Botanical illustrations are paintings (traditionally used with watercolour paint) of plants and flowers. The illustration will separately show all the relevant parts of the plant (stamen, filament, roots etc.) as well as the main structure of the flower / plant. This is an example:

Your task today, is to either:

  • Use one of the images from the list below and try to paint / sketch / draw it.


  • You could have a look in your garden or find a plant / flower whilst on a walk and have a go at your very own botanical illustration or painting. (Remember – if you would like to draw a botanical illustration – you will need to dissect your flower / plant to enable you to see the different parts more clearly and in more detail.

We would love to see your finished artwork so please email us a picture.


We hope you have a lovely day,

Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

               😊                           😊