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Day 3 (22.04.20)

Hello Year 5,


We hope you are well and enjoying the lovely weather, even if you are only able to get out for a small part of the day (if at all).


Thank you to the children who contacted us yesterday – it was great to hear from you! 😊. We would love to hear from even more of you over the course of this week – please do let us know what you have been up to.


Here is today’s learning:

Geography/English (Writing):


Using the notes you have made over the last couple of days, we would like you to write a short introduction to the Amazon Rainforest. You can either type it up on a computer and save it for later or you could write it down in a notebook or on a piece of paper – just keep it safe as you will need to refer to it at a later date.


Use the ‘Introduction Help’ document below to find out how to structure your writing. We have also posted an example introduction (for a different biome) to show you how this structure would come together in a completed introduction.


English: Poetic language - a bit of revision for you. Do you remember that just before ‘lockdown’, we were looking at aspects of figurative language? (don’t worry if you don’t! 😊). Well today we’re going to revisit some of these, namely similies, metaphors, personification and alliteration.


There are different things for you to look at/do: videos, worksheets, etc [click on the links - the text that turns pink when you hover over it]. Feel free to look at all or just some of what is here (there is quite a lot!), depending on what appeals to you and what you feel you need to revise/practise.


Maths:  Number and Place Value – Number of the Week




We hope you have a lovely day,

Stay Safe,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

       😊                      😊