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Day 3 (25.03.20)

Hello Munchkins (aka Year 5),


Middle of the week already! Are your days passing as quickly as when you are at school? Or is it a case of, ‘Is it only Wednesday, because I feel like I have been doing this for weeks!’

I’m about to find out for myself as I will be spending the next four weeks and three days at home (as we have the ‘Easter holidays’ in the middle). Teachers and teaching assistants are working on a rota now, as we all want to play our part in helping to keep the school open for parents who really need us, but we also have to think about keeping everyone as safe as possible.


So, as of today, I’m not only Miss Wood: online teacher for all of you, I’m also Mummy teacher, which is going to be an interesting experience! I have to teach phonics, which I’ve not done before, as well as thinking about different ways of teaching about numbers up to twenty. I know lots of you have brothers or sisters in reception or year 1; maybe you can take on the challenge with me J.  In fact, any of you with a younger brother or sister could help out and ‘be teacher’, even if it’s just listening to your sibling read. I’m sure your parents would appreciate any help you could give them.


Oh, and before we set the work for you, I just need to put out a message: Gracie, thank you for your e-mail. I think whoever sent it must have typed the e-mail address in incorrectly, as when I tried to reply to you, it wouldn’t send. Perhaps you could try again, making sure you type in the address really carefully. And to everyone else, thank you to those of you who have been in touch (even to spot my mistakes!). It has been lovely to hear from you. Mrs Canipa and I would love to hear from any of you, even just to say hi and tell us what you have been up to.

Here are your tasks for today:


  • Task 1: If you have been enjoying the Joe Wicks workouts, keep going with them. If not, make sure you are exercising in some other way.
  • Task 2: English – Written Comprehension. Book 1: Comprehension 2 ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’. As you complete the comprehension, underline any words you do not understand. Either look these up in a dictionary or ask an adult to explain these.

(The answers to Monday’s comprehension have now been posted on Monday’s star page)

  • Task 3: Maths – (a) In your workbook. Start by reading page 6 (‘Rounding'). Then complete questions 3 a, b and c on page 8 and questions 11 a, b and c on page 9. (b) On paper. Complete the word problems below:

(The answers to Monday’s maths problems have now been posted on Monday’s star page)


  • Task 4: Creative learning – Have a look at the Christ Church challenge document on the remote learning start page. Mrs Canipa has challenged the whole school to get creative.

Read through it and see if you can have a go at one of the challenges at some point today. We’re going to have a go at some of the challenges with our children at home. It would be great if you could post any pictures of you on Facebook, showing what you have been up to. Contact Mrs Canipa if you have any difficulties with this.


Hope you have a fun day,

Enjoy the sunshine if you can,


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

       😊                       😊