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Day 3

Continue with your creation of a set of Top Trumps cards on birds
begin some research in preparation for a family quiz on birds!
Your theme could be on birds generally, or you could choose to research a particular type of bird.
Look back at some of the previous web links referenced and/or use some of the websites below to help you in your research:
Collect key facts on sticky notes or smaller pieces of paper. You will be using these tomorrow to write your quiz!

Sort / Group / Compare / Classify:

Natural or man-made? Go on a ‘squirrel hunt’. This game is so called as the children are encouraged to look in all directions even in the trees as if they were searching for squirrels. Instead of squirrels, several items are placed along an outdoor trail that shouldn’t be there e.g. plastic spoon, ruler hang from a tree, wooden scrubbing brush on some fallen leaves, green Welly poking out of a bush. As the children walk along the trail they have to see if they can find all the items that shouldn’t be there using just their sense of sight. Make some objects more obvious and others less so. How did they know? This is good fun in the sun.

Practical Investigations: Fair testing

What is the best material for a swimming costume? Test small pieces of fabric (towel, knitted wool, swimming costume Lycra, paper, sponge cloth) which are all the same size. Test each one by placing in water and then squeezing out the water. Which is the easiest to get the water out of? For added challenge you could weigh the material before placing in water and then again after squeezing to see if there is a difference. Most children will just describe the differences. What else is it about the fabric? Test how much you can stretch it. Measure how long it will stretch. Try it with the other materials. How does this help.

Discuss other materials used in different sports and imagine what they are made from.