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Day 3

Read and enjoy these animal themed poems:
Crick, Crack, Crocodile by Joan Poulson:
Please do not feed the animals by Robert Hull:

Today you are going to write your own poem about the animals in the zoo. First of all, watch the clip below to help you gather some ideas. Chester Zoo – Short Documentary:

As you watch, can you make a list of all the animals you recognise? Make sure you use a comma to separate each item on your list.
Now go back and add some adjectives (describing words) to describe each of the animals on your list, e.g.
Playful hyenas,
Pink flamingos,
Towering giraffes,
Muddy rhinos.
Now look at your list and see if you can extend some of your phrases. Sometimes you can do this by telling your reader what the animal is doing or by using the words with or that before adding extra information, e.g.
Playful hyenas that love to chase,
Pink flamingos that balance on one leg,
Towering giraffes with the longest of necks etc.

Organise or rewrite your list so that each new line is about a different animal. Give your descriptive list the title, Zoo. You might also choose to conclude with the line – Zoo. You’ve now written your own Zoo list poem!
Read your poem aloud and share with members of your household.
If you can, post a copy of the written version for me to enjoy too!

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