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Day 3

Focus: the Giant from The Smartest Giant in Town

As previously, if you have access to the text, share and enjoy. Alternatively, watch clip 1

As you listen, collect words and phrases used to describe the Giant. (Note; these will only feature in the opening pages. The Giant’s character is then revealed more by his actions).

Re-read/listen. This time, pause at suitable points for your child to make a list of all the Giant’s kind deeds. E.g. He gave his scarf to a cold giraffe. After that, he gave his shirt to a goat on a boat who was struggling to sail. Encourage your child to use time sequencing words, e.g. next, soon, later on, finally.

Support with the song found on clip 2

What do we know about the Giant now? How might you describe him? Use a thesaurus or Word Hippo to extend simpler word choices, e.g. kind, caring,

Fraser Reads "The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson

English clip 1

The Smartest Giant in Town Song

Clip 2