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Day 4 (02.04.20)

Good Morning Year 5,


Hope you are all keeping safe and well.


We completed another challenge yesterday at the Canipa house. Evie and Harry made a huge den, enough to fit all 4 of us in. We turned it into a reading den and snuggled up with blankets and shared stories. Perfect for a rainy afternoon 😊 (I’ll post a picture in our ‘round up of the week’ gallery tomorrow).


And over in the Wood household… Adam and I did some chalk pictures on the terrace of our garden. Our main ones were a funny face challenge (our man has two pairs of eyes!) and a rainbow. I will also post some photos in tomorrow’s gallery.                                            

As part of his daily exercise, Adam has been enjoying Andy’s Wild Workouts on iPlayer (CBeebies). I’m mentioning it as some of you with younger brothers or sisters might want to give it a go with them as an alternative to Joe Wicks’ workout (sorry Mrs Canipa!). Or, you could be adventurous and do both!


Here are your tasks for today:


  • PE – Joe Wicks – We would love you to continue with these work outs if you enjoy them. I’m hoping they have become part of your everyday routine like they have mine and Evie’s but if they are not for you then please make sure you do try and find time for a little bit of exercise each day, even if it’s a short walk outside or a few challenges from the exercise bingo. Or, if you have spare energy to burn like Jessica O, complete a workout and then head out for a run!


  • English: Written Comprehension - Please complete the third comprehension in Book 1: ‘Why Recycle?’. You can find this on pages 6 and 7.


  • Maths: We are now on day 4 of our decimals learning.


      We are still using the resources under Year 5 Week 1 at: (click the following link)

Today, please watch the video called ‘Lesson 4 – Understanding thousandths’.


Then complete:

  • Art: We hope you enjoyed your art tutorials last week and had a go at one of the drawing tasks.

              This week, we would like to set you another drawing task. Have a look here:

You don’t need to complete all 30 drawings in one go; take as much time as you need. Think of this as a mini drawing project that you can complete bit by bit over a couple of weeks.


You will see a few ideas on the page of how you might like to set yours out. We would love to see what you come up with, so send us a picture if you can. We will be doing one too and will update you on how we are getting on.  🎨

Reminder: If you want a photo of anything you have been up to posting on our class page, please ensure we have it by 6:00pm today, so that we can add it into the gallery that will be available to view tomorrow morning.


As always, take care, be good and contact us if you need anything or just want to update us about what you have been doing.


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa 😊