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Day 4 (04.06.20)


Hi Year 5!


It’s Thursday already! Is your week passing really quickly, too?


Here are your tasks for today:


              Choose:   Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May).  Lesson 1 – Add and subtract fractions

(a) Watch the video and then complete the activity below:

(b) The corresponding page in your maths workbook is the bottom of page 29 for explanation.


  • English – Please refer to Monday’s page.


  • Spelling – It is quite a number of weeks since I last posted on a spelling activity. So here we go:


Today we would like you to practise words containing ‘ably’ and ‘ibly’ (the second part of a rule we covered in April). Click on the link below and choose an activity from the Spelling Tiles section or the Practice/Test section.


Alternatively, the list of words is here:

legible                                     noticeable                              possible

possibly                                  reasonable                             reliable

sensible                                  terrible                                    terribly

tolerable                                 tolerably                                 understandable

visible                                     visibly

Have a lovely day,

Stay safe,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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