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Day 4 (07.05.20)

Hello Year 5,


We hope you are all having a good week. Here are your tasks for today:


Maths:  Today we are doing a ‘number of the week’ activity. Choose the Year 4 option to work with a 4-digit number or the Year 5 option to work with a 6-digit number.

English/Topic (History – V.E. Day): As tomorrow is V.E. Day (and officially a Bank Holiday), we decided that we would post on tasks relating to this celebration today so that you can either: (a) spread the activities over the two days OR (b) spend time learning about this event today and have a day ‘off’ / away from school work tomorrow.

N.B. Mrs Rayner has set the whole school a task. You may have already seen it on Facebook. If not, she has also posted it on the Remote Learning home page underneath the class pages. Please do take a look.


Below is a grid with a variety of activities that you might like to try. Underneath this are some English-based activities, such as information texts to read and comprehension questions to answer:

In addition to this are some other (more relaxing/creative) activities that you may wish to give a go:

Remember: the work posted on here is optional. As a suggestion, read through the information about V.E. Day/World War Two and follow this up by answering some of the comprehension questions (at the end of the V.E. day fact file document - the answers are there, too) . Then have a look at the activities grid/additional activities to find something that appeals to you.


A few final notes:

It has been great to hear from you – thank you for telling me what you have been up to and sending me photos of your work. I aim to put together a slideshow of your work to post up tomorrow (instead of work). If you haven’t been in touch and would like me to share something that you have done (whether that be school work or something else), please get in touch today.


And all that leaves me to say is from myself and Mrs Canipa have a lovely weekend and remember (parents and pupils): we are here if you need anything.


Happy V.E. Day (for tomorrow)

Stay safe, take care,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

      😊                     😊