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Day 4 (14.05.20)

Good morning lovely Year 5,


Hope you are all still smiling. We are nearly halfway through May. How many of you are keeping up with the Active May calendar – I am managing Gold most days  (I was a bit rubbish at the football challenge though). If you haven’t tried any challenges, give them a go – they don’t take too long 😊.


Here are your tasks for the day:

English / Topic:

Before you begin, you will need the for and against list you made yesterday.

First: Decide whether you think deforestation SHOULD be banned or SHOULDN’T be banned, so that you can use the corresponding for OR against arguments.



  • Create a colourful poster either
  • warning people of the devastating effects of deforestation or
  • promoting the benefits of deforestation


  • Write a letter either
  • to the Rainforest Trust persuading them that deforestation is having a positive impact or
  • to the Brazilian government (prime minister Jair Bolsonaro) explaining the devastating effects that deforestation is causing


Once you have decided how you are going to present your ideas (either as a poster or a letter) you need to think about how you are going to write it. An effective piece of persuasive writing makes a point, uses evidence or a fact to back up/support the point and then uses further explanation to make the point as clear as possible.

(e.g. Fruit is important as part of a balanced diet [point]. Nutritionists recommend eating between 5 and 10 portions of fruit and vegetables each day [evidence/fact]. In order to obtain a balance of vitamins and minerals, you should aim to eat a 'rainbow' of fruit and/or vegetables over the course of a week [further detail/explanation].


Use the Point, Evidence and Explain template below to help you organise your ideas or writing.


** This writing task will take you more than one day to complete. Take as much time as you need. Don’t forget to send us a photo – we would love to see your work. **


Below are some resources that may help you with your planning and writing:


Maths: You can choose to answer some mixed questions (the answers are on page 3, straight after the questions):

OR to complete a ‘Number of the Week’ activity (choose Year 4 or Year 5):

We hope you have a lovely day,


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood

         😊                              😊