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Day 4 (16.07.20)

Day 4 – Christ Church Logo

A shorter one today. It’s simply: we’re glad that you’re part of our Christ Church family. We think you’re wonderful children and we are so disappointed that our time together in Year 5 was cut short. We have every confidence that you will continue to shine next year and Mrs Rayner will be as proud of you as we have been. We will miss teaching you.



Hope you are well. Thank you to those children who called up to collect their Anglo-Saxon houses yesterday. If you didn’t manage to come for yours and you are able to do so today, please come round to the outside door of the classroom and I will hand it over to you.

If you have collected your work (which you should all have done by yesterday), we hope that you found your envelope from us. If not, have a rummage through your bag – it will be there as we put one in each of your trays.


Here are your tasks for today:


English:    A ‘letter’ to my new teacher.


As you have likely gathered, your teacher next year will be Mrs Rayner. As is usually the case when we are in school, we would like to you to write to Mrs Rayner, telling her all about yourself. It’s an opportunity to be open and honest, as well as a good opportunity to blow your own trumpet.


You might mention:

(a) What you are like as a pupil (shy, confident, hardworking, creative, cooperative etc.)

(b) Which subject(s) you particularly enjoy and why

(c) What you are good at and what you want/need to practise further

(d) What you are looking forward to or feeling anxious about next year

(e) Anything else you think Mrs Rayner should know about you or you’d like her to know (we will of course be meeting with Mrs Rayner in the next couple of days to tell her all about each of you).


When you have finished your letter (handwritten or typed), we suggest you keep it somewhere safe as it might just be needed sometime in the near future. wink


Have a look at the video and then complete the worksheet below.


Year 5 - Week 12 - Lesson 4 - Timetables

This is "Year 5 - Week 12 - Lesson 4 - Timetables" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Further activities for today’s learning can be found here:


Enjoy your Thursday (let’s hope it’s a dry one),

Take care,

Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa

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