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Day 4

Today you are going to find out all about feathers!
Watch Feathers:

FOR THE BIRDS - Bird Feathers

Only birds have feathers and every bird has them. Feathers are a natural engineering marvel that provide many functions like insulation from the heat and col...

This clip becomes progressively more challenging so will require ongoing discussion with an adult, though you may not choose to watch it all! After each point made in the clip, pause to explain and discuss with your child. Use the opportunity to expand on technical vocabulary, e.g. display, insulation.
Reinforce your understanding by now watching Look Closely at Feathers – Nat Geo Kids. (Be warned, the narrator talks very fast! Hence, you may want to watch this more than once)


Look Closely at Feathers | Nat Geo Kids Birds Playlist

Discover the very best videos about birds YouTube has to offer - brought to you by National Geographic Kids! Hummingbird: © Sz3905 | Dreamstime Swan: © Times...

Read together pp12-13 of the RSPB Nature Birds Guide.
Read particularly closely the sections ‘Feathers’ and ‘Moulting’.
Discuss all the new found facts you have learned about feathers.
Following your discussion, write some of your own sentences about feathers. Imagine your information on feathers is going to feature in a book about birds for children your age.
Check for punctuation and spelling together.

Some Geography today, you should be able to name all the continents and oceans, now have a look round Europe. Can you guess which ones I have visited?