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Day 4 (26.03.20)

Good morning Year 5,


Hope your week has been enjoyable so far and you’ve managed to take some time out to enjoy the lovely weather. It has been lovely to hear from some of you and find out what you have been getting up to.

It has been a very strange week for me so far, but I am embracing it like you all are. I have been completing some similar activities with Evie and Harry. We always kick start our mornings with Joe Wicks; Harry runs around the lounge with excitement, whilst Evie tries her best to keep up with the different exercises. I think she’s managed to get up to 10 minutes so far. I, however, am persevering until the end – I must say my legs are hurting this morning from those Spiderman squats! We also painted rainbows on Tuesday and completed challenge 4 of the Christ Church challenge yesterday afternoon. Evie and Harry loved the obstacle course we made in the garden (will post a picture up tomorrow)


Anyway, here are your tasks for today:


Task 1: If you continue to enjoy the Joe Wicks workouts, keep going with them. If not, then please do try and take part in some exercise - you all know how good you feel after we compete the the daily mile at school. You could always tick off challenge 14 and make a fitness routine for your family. Maybe do it to music or take some ideas from the circuit training we did for Sports Relief. See if anyone can manage the plank for more than 2 and a half minutes and beat Lexie P, Harris and Lewis (I am sure I have missed a couple of people off).


Task 2: Maths – Sumdog. Please log into your account. Miss Rudge has set a challenge for you all. We will be closely monitoring the leader board and Miss Rudge will also be keeping an eye on your progress!


Task 3: English – Rather than completing a comprehension activity or a session on ReadTheory, we would like you to read for a minimum of twenty minutes. Take yourself off into the garden or a quiet area of the house and enjoy diving into a book of your choice. If you are feeling adventurous, you could try to find a very unusual place / way to read your book and tick off challenge 1 on your Christ Church challenge. We know Jessica O has already read her book upside down, whilst doing the side splits – very impressive!  If you manage to compete the challenge, or any other challenge, send us a photo and we can share it with the rest of the class.


I will be putting together a gallery of pictures for tomorrow’s class page so you can share what you’ve been getting up to. We would love as many of you as possible on there. I have collected the ones that have been sent in already but if you haven’t sent any (or you would like to send some more) then please send them via Facebook or email them to me directly. Any problems, please get in touch. Lexie P – we loved your sign language video (but I cannot download it to share on our page).  


Task 4: Spelling – Today we would like you to look at words ending with -able and -ible. Click on the link below and choose an activity from either the Spelling Tiles section or the Practice/Test section.


Reminder: Don’t forget it’s the Easter Egg competition next week. If you want to enter, you will need to send us a photo, as we will have to judge from pictures.


Any questions or problems, please email me or Miss Wood. Please keep in touch; it’s always lovely to hear from you and find out what you have been up to.


Oh and before I forget, Gracie asked me to pass on that she misses everyone loads.


Hope you have a great day,

Try to get out in the sun if you can,


Mrs Canipa and Miss Wood 

          J                     J