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Day 4

Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen With an adult, read together Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen:
Now watch and enjoy Michael Rosen performing the poem here:
Make connections with the poem and compare the two versions. Discuss – What did you think of the poem?
Which version did you prefer? How were they similar/different? Did the poem remind you of anything? Have you ever craved a particular type of food like Michael craved the chocolate cake in the poem?

Your child might comment that the piece resembles a story more than a poem and that during the performance piece, Rosen does not recite the poem exactly word for word. Use this opportunity to explain that some poems are not written in verse (free verse), do not need to rhyme, can vary in performance and can sometimes resemble more like the telling of a story!

Re-read the poem together, pausing frequently and summarising what is happening in each section, e.g. First of all, Rosen explains why he likes chocolate cake so much.

Then he wakes in the night thinking about the chocolate cake.

After that, he sneaks downstairs to eat the remaining cake, etc.

You are now going to plan to write your own version of Chocolate Cake. First of all, you need to decide what food your poem is going to be about.

Now you are going to plan your poem. Think about the sequence (order) of your poem, e.g. why you like your chosen food so much, how you might wake in the night thinking about it, the act of sneaking downstairs into the kitchen, eating and enjoying it, etc.

Create a plan similar to a story map, including each of the different sections above.

Talk your planned sequence through with an adult.

Year 2 - Week 8 - Lesson 3 - Sorting 2D and 3D shapes

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