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Day 4

Focus: Superworm

As previously, if you have access to the text, share and enjoy. Alternatively, watch the clip below

Jot down new words and phrases to explore. E.g. lasso, mope, fishing line.

Model orally putting new words into different sentences and encourage your child to do the same.

Talk about how Superworm could be described as a superhero. Listen to the story again – why do you think this is? Make a list of all the things Superworm does. Formulate a poem using some of the language.


Superworm the lasso,

Superworm the skipping rope,

Superworm the fishing line etc.

Conclude their poem with the repeated verse;

Superworm is super long,

Superworm is super-strong,

Watch him wiggle,

See him squirm,

Hip, hip hurray for Superworm!  

Superworm! Read aloud children's book