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Day 5 (03.07.20)




Happy Friday! We hope you have had a good week so far. Here are your tasks for today:




Watch the video, ‘For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President’:

After watching, write down what an ‘everyday-hero’ means to you.


Think about someone you consider to be an ‘everyday-hero’ during the current time in lockdown. This could be:

  • someone you know personally, such as a family member, friend or teacher
  • someone you have seen on the news, such as Captain Tom Moore or Tony Hudgell


        And: [read the warning below before clicking]                legs

     ! Please be aware that some of the videos on the same page as the one above may not be suitable viewing for the children –               parental supervision is advised.

  • a whole team of people, such as those working in your local hospital


Once you have selected your everyday hero, choose one of these two tasks:


(a) Write a short persuasive argument, giving points with explanation as to why you think that person should be recognised or has rightly been recognised for their achievements / contribution during the lockdown.

(b) Write a letter to say thank you to the person you have chosen. When writing your letter make sure you include the following:

- An opening greeting

- An initial sentence/paragraph outlining why you are writing

- Additional paragraphs giving reasons as to why they are your everyday hero

- A concluding paragraph: summarising your reasons / reiterating your thanks

- A suitable sign-off. This will be different depending on who you are writing your letter to.


If you enjoyed this week, why not try:


• The CBBC programme, ‘Operation Ouch’ explores all things to do with health. Find games, quizzes, short clips and full episodes here:  


Maths – Arithmetic Friday – yeah!


(You know what to do) Choose the Year 4 or Year 5 paper (or both as many of you like to do!): smiley


We hope you have a great day and a lovely weekend. 


Miss Wood and Mrs Canipa 

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